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Meet the Team

GreenBanyan is supporting the medical fraternity in India that is overwhelmed by the scale of the COVID-19 crisis. We identify promising solutions, treatments, therapies and clinical trials through global research, establishing strategic partnerships to bridge demand and supply harnessing our network of professionals, scientists, doctors, businesses, bureaucrats, lawmakers, policy makers and entrepreneurs to remove blockers and implement ideas that have a 10X impact. We reduce the burden on the medical profession by lending our expertise, experience and our network successful in running global businesses, forging international partnerships, bringing ideas and products to market, expertise in digital technology, design and commercialising intellectual property to solve current healthcare problems in India. 

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George Mathew

Founder Director 

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Vasu Vittal

Director Operations

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Marshal Verma

Director Business Development

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Dr. Joseph Shields

Director Strategy

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Moses Mathuram

Director Partnerships

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Ivor Soans

Director Marketing Communications

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