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Two working hypothesis key to finding COVID-19 solutions

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

It is a common practice to administer new therapies under clinical trials to terminally ill cancer patients. The rationale weighs risks against odds of doing nothing radical. Could COVID treatments take a similar path given the devastation and observed mortality. If hospitals with medico-legal clearances in India for clinical trials can access therapies anywhere in the world faster and quicker, can death rates be reduced, a curative therapy advanced or such therapies be used on an emergency basis.

Early-stage drug researchers when looking for targeted clinical trials are faced with dichotomous problem viz. early-stage therapies don’t have uptake because they aren’t proven, and they won’t be proven unless there is uptake. Early-stage researchers/lab/institutions are open to new partnerships. Accessing and supporting them early could solve this dichotomy. How do we identify these sources of therapies and engage with them ensuring prevalent legal, ethical, medical and safety protocols are met globally.

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