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Four questions that drive the urgency of scalable solutions

Four key factors drive the urgency of scalable solutions.

Firstly, India is still in a firefight mode where every medical resource and personnel is devoted to fighting the disease leaving very few people to be able to look for innovative and cutting-edge solutions outside the here and now.

Secondly, at this stage of the pandemic bulk of the response has been reactive, rightly so, given the scale and pace at which the disease caught everyone by surprise.

Thirdly, this raises a significant question about what to do now for better outcomes in ​3,6,9 and 12 months from now so that the country is better prepared​ for the next waves.

Fourthly, the bigger question plaguing many is how we get ahead ​of the curve given the global response is moving rapidly from prevention and vaccinations towards curative therapies.

The question then becomes how does India access ​evidence based​ treatments early and at scale.

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