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About Us

GreenBanyan is a non-profit think-tank and partner network of individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, scientists, experts, media and other professionals that  come together to solve problems at scale. All our current resources are deployed for COVID-19 solutions in India.  Inspired by the Banyan tree which served over centuries as a platform that offered solace, rejuvenation, and rest to weary travellers and enlightenment, wisdom and advise to those who sought it. GreenBanyan offers a platform to harness fresh ideas and just like the adventitious roots of a Banyan tree, GreenBanyan relies on grassroots innovation to solve problems at scale 


To solve problems at scale such as in healthcare, education, infrastructure, and wealth creation utilising grassroots innovation as a strategic tool 


Connect ideas to people, people to ideas, and people to people across borders to solve problems that impact humanity at scale.  ​Focus on scientific breakthroughs such as drug therapies and technology solutions and provide access to those when traditional channels are overwhelmed. ​

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